We can access the full range of commercial finance requirements such as:


  • Structured loans for business expansion, acquisition or re-financing purposes

  • Funding for business premises acquisition

  • Working capital financing 

  • Debtor factoring and invoice financing

  • Leasing and hire purchase


Some brokers are happy to bundle some information together, sent it off to lenders and hope for the best. That business model was broken many years ago. That's not how we work. 


Having spent many years looking after both large and small, public and private clients in various industries, we will take the time to really understand your business, cash flow forecasts and strategy. We will also workshop potential structures with you to see if those are appropriate for your goals and broader strategic implications. 


This means that we conduct our own thorough due diligence before submitting any credit application on your behalf. We see this as essential to getting the right financing solutions for our clients and we believe this is an important part of a value adding process, even if that means challenging existing paradigms and assumptions within your business. 


Ultimately, we need to 'sell' your business and financing opportunity to a third party investor, usually the lender. Sometimes the size of the borrowing means the banker is or will become, the biggest investor in the business. It essential therefore that like any investment proposition, yours is presented in the most professional manner. 


When we put our name to a deal, lenders know that we have done our homework and believe in the business and management.