Our client is the owner of a well located and leased industrial property. The client sought to reduce their funding cost, as a new lease had recently been signed after a change of tenant. After running a competitive process, we received an exceptionally competitive offer from one of the major banks. Even after providing the existing relationship bank the opportunity to re-price the deal, they were still 0.40% more expensive than the best offer. This resulted in a net saving to the client, over a 2 year term and after the costs of refinancing, of circa $12,000 which went straight to the bottom line. It also highlighted that the client was paying up to $24,000 more in interest costs on their existing facility pricing before they ran this process. 



With lenders' credit criteria in the Perth commercial market tightening, a competitive financing process is essential to achieve the best lending outcome. After running such a process and electing to proceed with another lender, that lender's policies changed twice after mandating, which did not allow them to proceed on the terms initially indicated. Despite that, we were able to use the threat of refinance to force the existing lender to provide a 3 year interest only term, with only a small debt reduction to achieve the required Loan to Value ratio.  



C4|Capital recently closed a significant deal to assist with the refinancing of two professional commercial units for an investment trust. We were able to secure superior terms and pricing, after running a successful competitive process. Just as importantly, the process highlighted the lack of pro activeness on the part of the incumbent bank and therefore provided the client with funding options prior to the maturity of the existing facilities. The competitive facilities were secured despite a relatively short lease tenor and enables the owners to potentially increase their distributions due to the lower cost of capital as a result. This is the third such transaction we have seen where the incumbent relationship bank has failed to ‘close the door’ on their competitors and highlights the benefits of running a professional process.